National Bilateral Fund for Lithuania

The National Bilateral Fund is implemented from 2009-2014 European Economic Area and Norway Financial Mechanisms (hereinafter referred to as the Financial Mechanisms) support. The National Bilateral Fund for Lithuania aims at increasing cooperation and strengthening bilateral relations between Lithuania and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The National Bilateral Fund for Lithuania has the following five main priorities:

  • Good governance
  • Equal opportunities and social inclusion
  • Academic and research cooperation
  • Cultural exchange
  • Other initiatives determined in the Memorandums of Understanding

Support granted to the National Bilateral Fund amounts to €420,000

Fund Operator – the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania (national coordination body of financial mechanisms)

Supported measures:

  1. Costs of business trips of programme operators and staff members of other relevant bodies to experience sharing events, the organization of which is supported by responsible authorities of donor countries.

More information about the compensation arrangements for business trips is available in section “Documents”, in the Financial Mechanisms Rules for Technical Assistance Financing and Implementation (see Chapter VI “Implementation and Funding Arrangements of the Fund).

  1. Pre-defined projects

The initiatives agreed upon with the donors arising from specific collaboration needs are financed under this measure.

Ongoing projects:

  • Gender Equality Implementation in Research Institutions: Collaborative Approach
  • Energetic Security in The Baltic Sea Region: regional coordination and management of interdependences
  •  Human rights overview in Lithuania 2013-2014

Accomplished projects:

  • Protection of Hate Crime Victims' Rights: the Case in Lithuania
  • Combating Hate Crime in the EU: Giving Victims a Face and a Voice

More information on the accomplished and on-going projects is available in section “Projects”.

  1. Open calls

Calls for proposals from the National Bilateral Fund are planned to be announced in 2014. More information about the calls is available in section “Call for proposals


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