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The increase of the competitiveness of the company UAB Veika by placing on the market the innovative environmental technology GREENCOVER in the field of wallpaper production

UAB Veika is a company producing printing inks and writing inks from water-based emulsions and plasticized polyvinylchloride (PVC). The Company’s products are focused on wallpaper industry and wide format digital printing based on natural (paper, phlyseline) and polymeric substrates. Separate groups of inks are designated for printing on technical textile forming specific appearance of the surface and decorative effects.

UAB Veika has been operating since 1991. The Company’s plant is established in the municipality of Vilnius City.
The Company has research laboratories and experimental development laboratories where the improvement of products being manufactured and the creation of new products take place. The experience, knowledge and innovative ideas of qualified specialists of chemical science and industry as well as modern equipment facilitate in creating, manufacturing and placing on the market complex and high quality products in a shortest possible time.

The purpose of the project – to create preconditions for the growth of competiveness in the sectors of production of wallpaper and related sectors through green innovations. The project is necessitated by growing attention of wallpaper users to the environmental impact of purchased products. At present, almost all wallpaper available on the market is produced using plasticized polyvinylchloride (hereinafter – PVC) based inks. Polyvinylchloride – is a substance which due to its structure and charge distribution in the molecule is very stable. It is a polymer, which is very resistant to decomposition and has almost endless lifecycle. Although this quality is particularly valued as a guarantor of longevity of PVC-based materials, it gives rise to large-scale environmental problems. PVC is the second among plastics in terms of diffusion of its uses:  about 30 000 000 t of PVC is used annually in the world in the processes of production of different products, the bigger part of which is disposed in landfills where PVC does not decompose. Moreover, mostly widespread plasticizer which is used for obtaining the plasticized PVC is a form of phthalate. Recently the number of reports on toxicity of the phthalate plasticizer has been growing, which means that about 30% of wallpaper produced at present consist of potentially toxic fluid which can evaporate and stay on objects that are in contact with the surface of such wallpaper.

 In the process of conducted research UAB Veika succeeded in creating an entirely new base of wallpaper inks which is free from PVC and plasticizer – the GREENCOVER material. As a result of research other layers of these wallpaper inks have also been created according to the qualities of the new base. The new wallpaper inks will have advantages over products offered by competitors, because they will be environmentally friendly, and their use will not worsen other parameters to which consumers pay great attention when choosing wallpaper, such as price, relief, resistance, pattern, range of colors, etc. Due to specifics of the new formula of wallpaper inks its introduction into the wallpaper production process calls for a new technology, therefore, the main goal of the project is to create and place on the market an innovative environmentally friendly technology in the sphere of production of wallpaper – the GREENCOVER.