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Green innovation in the CNG production processes

The principal activity of JSC “SG dujos” – production of compressed natural gas (CNG). During the project it is planned to significantly improve the existing technological processes of production of CNG in order to reduce their impact on the environment and to increase the efficiency of the use of natural resources and offer to the market the CNG product improved by green innovations – hydro-methane (a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas – H2CNG).

Problems that have led to the need for the project: 1) market needs for new technologies the use of which would facilitate in producing cheap organic fuel; 2) growing prices of oil-based fuels; 3) EU requirements to increase the use of environmentally friendly fuel; 4) the need to improve the Company’s competitiveness and business environment; 5) innovation of the product at the level of Lithuania and the EU;  6) economic, environmental and social benefits of the product to the consumer; 7) shortage of own funds necessary for the full-fledged implementation of the project.

During the project implementation it is planned to acquire and implement in the industrial objects 3 sets of equipment that will significantly improve the parameters of technological process and the level of functional characteristics of fuel production. The Company is unable to implement a large-scale project only with its own funds. Obtaining support would guarantee the quality of the project and would contribute to higher rates of growth of the Company’s operating results (enhancement of competitiveness in Lithuania and in the EU Member States, growth of work efficiency and turnover), increasing thereby the competiveness and entrepreneurship of environmentally friendly companies.

The added value of the project: the implemented project would generate the direct benefit to the Company’s partners, suppliers and customers. The significantly improved technological processes of production of CNG during the project will enable to produce the innovative product of high added value leading to economic and ecological benefits both to the consumer and to all residents. As a result of this project the first real possibility to use hydrogen as a fuel in cars appears in Lithuania. The implemented project would guarantee a quick payback period for investments, create high qualification jobs and generate economic benefits to the Company.

The project minimizes the dependence on expensive imported resources of oil and thus reduces the country’s energy dependence and also the use of fossil fuels, and promotes the use of environmentally friendly technologies and products.