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The construction of a recycling plant of combined packaging waste (the predominant material is paper and cardboard)

UAB Polymer recycling envisages establishing combined packaging (predominating material – paper and cardboard)   (hereinafter – CP) waste recycling facility. The recycling process will ensure 100% use and recycling of CP.

The purpose of the project – to implement the combined packaging recycling technology through the acquisition and installation of innovative equipment.  Given that currently the entire quantity of combined packaging (predominating material – paper and cardboard) collected in Lithuania is exported to Poland, UAB Polymer recycling would be the first company recycling such waste both at the Lithuanian and pan-Baltic level.

At present Lithuania has difficulty in implementing the combined packaging waste recycling tasks, therefore the establishment of the recycling facility by UAB Polymer would enable Lithuania not only to easily implement the tasks set for the country, but also to manage considerably larger quantities. It must also be mentioned that the recycling of combined packaging waste by UAB Polymer will result in the creation of a widely used ecological product on demand in the market, i.e. panels used for construction of buildings, etc.

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