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Birštono mineraliniai vandenys together with Berg Holding are planning to develop the project “Paper Packaging Technology Development in Birštono mineraliniai vandenys”.

The purpose of the project: to enhance the Company’s competitiveness through the development of new paper packaging technologies and green technologies in the process of production. The paper packaging technologies would enable to minimize the use of plastic packaging materials thus creating a revolutionary technology of recyclable packaging of a new generation. This technology will protect beverages from changes in their color, taste or odour, maintaining the useful life of 12 months without freezing or use of preservatives. By designing and implementing the paper packaging technology the Company will reduce the following costs related to the consumption of plastic, glue and electricity, pollution tax and CO2 emissions.

By means of technologies created during the project other companies of the country will be able to apply similar paper packaging technologies achieving further reduction of CO2 emissions. This will encourage the public to seek waste reduction and will stimulate the interest in green technologies.
The development and introduction of new green technologies in the production process (technologies of solar energy and air circulation, more precise bottling of products, integration of 100% recyclable packaging materials in the process of production and minimizing the use of foil for wrapping of pallets) would reduce consumption of electricity, plastic and water in the process of production.

The implementation of paper packaging and green production technologies will reduce Lithuania’s dependence on the imported energy and raw materials due to lower consumption of raw materials and will minimize electric energy consumption through the integration of renewable energy resources in the production technologies.
The Company will seek to increase sales and export volumes through lower production costs, increase of work efficiency and higher added value. The Company will aim at contributing to business environment in Birštonas and its surroundings by creating new jobs for qualified specialists, investing into R&D and development of new technologies.

The development and implementation of new green technologies is impossible without large investments in R&D, therefore in the event of absence of funding, the project would not be implemented in Lithuania.


Lina Janionytė

(The Central Project Management Agency)

EEA and Norway programmes senior project manager (The Central Project Management Agency)

(8 5) 274 8747

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