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UAB Milviteka is a company designing and manufacturing industrial machines, equipment and products for different branches of industry. Over many years in addition to its principal activity in the sphere of production of industrial machines the Company has been developing the activities of design of ozonisation systems, production of ozone gas generators, implementing practical methods and technologies of application of such gas. In order to remain competitive, the Company keeps looking for new innovative solutions, actively investing in research, cooperating with scientific research institutes. As part of its targeted activities the Company is initiating the project aimed at creating a new environmental technology to satisfy the specific needs of the food industry.

The new technology will enable customers to upgrade production quality by reducing chemical, pesticide and microbiological pollution of products; to minimize the negative environmental impact of technological processes; to save resources and costs; to seek operating efficiency through higher productivity of work. Commercialization of the new technology will significantly contribute to both the Company’s competitiveness in Lithuania and its attractiveness abroad (Baltic States, Scandinavia, Russia, Poland, Spain, etc.). The project is directly linked to the innovative activities of the Company and contributes to the implementation of the principle of sustainable development. The financial support will facilitate a wider implementation of the project. This will ensure the success of the project.

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