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Building up Modern and Open Prosecution Service in the Republic of Lithuania

Project promoter: Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Lithuania Project tittle: Building up Modern Open Prosecution Service in the Republic of Lithuania 
Project code: LT06-1-GP-TF-001

Project eligible expenditure: EUR 2 213 661,00 (EUR 1 881 611,89 grant from the EEA Financial Mechanism and EUR 332 049,11 budget co-financing)Project signature date: 15 June 2020 Project implementation period: 15 June 2020 - 30 Aprils 2024
Why is this project needed? 
Prosecution Service faces challenges related to adequate response to new forms of criminality, the changing social environment, the necessity to strengthen communication with the public and interaction with pre-rial investigation institutions and courts. The public had particularly high expectation of the Prosecution Service; however, the level of public trust is Prosecution Service is low.

The aim of the project is to build up modern and open Prosecution Service and strengthening the efficiency of criminal proceedings. 

The project includes: 
  • Analysis and evaluation of the present situation of criminal Proceedings;
  • Measures to strengthen the quality of criminal procedure;
  • Measures to speed up criminal proceedings in financial and economic crimes;
  • Specialized training for prosecutors, judges and pre-trial investigation officers;
  • Training on administrative and managerial capacities of Prosecution Service staff;
  • Modernization of IT infrastructure;
  • Assessment on the improvement of te public image of the Prosecution Service and implementation of quality standard of service provision in the Prosecution Service;
  • Communication training.
The project is expected to reduce length of pre-trial investigation of crimes affecting national EU financial interests in 5%. In addition, the project will contribute to making a positive shift from the current assessment level of interaction of Prosecution Service with users and its partners (by 5 percentage points). 

Target groups of the project are prosecutors, judges, officials of the pre-trial investigation institutions, as well as the public.

Donor project partner National Authority for the Investigation and Prosecution of the Economic and Environmental Crime (Økokrim) will provide expert assessment of the evaluations and recommendations to be performed during the project and will participate in training activities. 

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