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Increasing the Quality, Services and Infrastructure in Lithuanian Courts

Project promoter: National Courts Administration
Project title: Increasing the Quality, Services and Infrastructure in Lithuanian Courts
Project code: LT06-1-NTA-TF-001

Project eligible expenditure: EUR 6.758.369,87 (EUR 5.744.614,50 grant from the EEA Financial Mechanism and EUR 1.013.755,37 budget co-financing)
Project signature date: 15 June 2020
Project implementation period: 15 June 2020 - 30 April 2024

Why is the project needed?
Public opinion polls show that the perceived lack of transparency in the courts, prolonged judicial proceedings, and the lack of psychological security for the parties are among the main reasons for the society to distrust the Lithuanian judicial system. Transparency, efficiency and a greater focus on the needs of court and clients are among the most commonly identified areas, therefore improving them would enable judiciary to develop competencies and increase public trust in judiciary.

The project aim to contribute to the development of a more efficient and effective justice system in Lithuania. 

The project includes:
  • A new model for selection and evaluation of judges that would ensure greater efficiency on formation of the judiciary, transparency and the independence of the judiciary.
  • Methodological materials and training programmes based on the best foreign practice, which would enable to develop the competencies of judiciary, necessary for ensuring the procedural cooperation, conducting the court proceedings in an objective and transparent manner, and assure efficient organization of the court activities.
  • Training programmes for court volunteers, mentors and delivery of training.
  • Public campaigns on legal education purposes.
  • Installation of security measures / technological solutions to ensure security in courts.
  • Adaptation of public spaces of the courts to meet needs of the parties of the proceedings. 
Project benefit
The systemic tools developed within project will increase the efficiency and transparency of the court process, shorten the duration of the proceedings and ensure effective protection of the violated rights.

Target groups of the project are judiciary (judges, court staff and the staff of National Courts Administration), prosecutors, lawyers, litigants and public.

Donor project partner Norwegian Courts Administration will contribute to project activities through its expertise and exchange of the best practices. 

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