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Project promoter: Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
Project title:HAZ-IDENT
Project code: LT05-1-AM-TF-003
Project eligible expenditureEUR 200 000,00 (EUR 169 999,86 grant from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and EUR 30 000,14 budget co-financing)
Project signature date3 August 2020
Project implementation period: 3 August 2020 – 3 August 2022
Lithuania generates an average of 163 thousand tons of hazardous waste every year. The management of hazardous waste remains a significant issue:  inefficient collection and treatment of hazardous waste are often caused by incorrect identification and classification of hazardous substances. Improperly managed hazardous waste can contaminate soil, infiltrate groundwaters and consequently harm the environment and public health. Under the current legal framework, the economic entities must properly identify waste as hazardous or non-hazardous. However, there is evidence that due to lack of expertise and information at company level hazardous wastes are identified and classified incorrectly, which leads to improper treatment practices.  Also, the environmental authorities that carry out environmental regulation and control of economic activities, encounter difficulties in identifying wastes and classifying them as hazardous or non-hazardous.  
As correct identification and classification of hazardous waste is crucial for proper decision making in the whole waste management chain – from generation to final treatment.
Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania initiated this project aimed to improve the capacity of Lithuania's environmental authorities and other public and private stakeholders to identify and classify hazardous waste properly in line with the EU Framework Directive on Waste.

The project includes:
  • Analysis on the main sources of hazardous waste and treatment options;
  • Development of a unified methodology for identification of hazardous waste;
  • Development of video lectures for online learning;
  • Training workshops for representatives of environmental authorities and economic entities to use the methodology for identification of hazardous waste;
  • Study visits to Norway for staff of Lithuania's environmental authorities.
Project benefit
The project will provide uniform tools to authorities and companies to classify hazardous waste, thus reducing the risk of potential harm to environment and minimizing the probability of disputes or litigation cases.  
Target groups of the projectEmployees of state environmental protection institutions (Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Environmental Protection under the Ministry of Environmental Protection) and representatives of economic entities operating in the field of hazardous waste management or generating hazardous waste.
The project is implemented jointly with the partners: Environmental Protection Agency and Environmental Protection Department under the Ministry of Environment whose specialists will provide comments and suggestions during the preparation of the methodology and after the project will use the methodology for the implementation of their direct functions.

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