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Creation of an interactive platform for efficient and balanced energy generation planning

Project promoter: Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania
Project title: Creation of an interactive platform for efficient and balanced energy generation planning
Project code: LT05-3-EM-TF-001
Project eligible expenditure: EUR 994 689,00 (EUR 845 486,00 grant from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and EUR 149 203,00 budget co-financing)
Project signature date: 14 July 2020
Project implementation period: 14 July 2020 - 13 July 2023
The project will aim to create interactive map, which would not only contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Directive 2012/27/EU and setting national heating and cooling potentials but would reduce investment cost in to the district heating and cooling infrastructure, reduce heat losses in networks, as well increase efficiency of distribution and would significantly contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.
The aim of the project is to fulfil the obligation stemming from the EU Directive to develop an assessment study of the national heating and cooling potential, a database and an interactive map.
The project includes:
  • Collection of statistical information, estimation of heat and cooling potential, creation of database and interactive data platform.
  • Creation of an Online Portal.
  • Implementation of educational tools to build expertise for experts, practitioners and the public who will manage and use the interactive data platform.
  • Raise the competence of staff and the public (training, visits, preparation of methodological material, publicity events in municipalities and etc).
Project benefit 
The results will provide better tools for public and private entities in planning future investments in energy infrastructure; increase skills and competence of staff and contribute to improved awareness among end-users about energy investment needs.
Also project will help to contribute to the effective achievement of national climate change mitigation targets, efficiently plan the heat and cooling infrastructure and to control the optimum energy balance of the fuels, and will also allow for cost and energy savings decisions.
Target groups of the project Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Energy Agency, municipalities, business entities, small and medium enterprises, associations, society.
The project is implemented jointly with the partner - the Lithuanian Energy Agency. Part of the project activities are publicity events, web portal development, database and interactive map administration, which will be carried out under the responsibility of the partner. The partner will use the results of the project on a continuous basis in many of his activities.

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