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ICT | "JSC Finbro R&D activities in order to increase competitiveness in the field of ICT"

Project promoter UAB FINBRO
Project name "UAB Finbro R&D operations in the sphere of ICT to boost competitiveness"
Project code LT07-1-EIM-02-006
Funding 199 683,36 Eur
Project partners MB Taikomasis dirbtinis intelektas (LT) & International Development Norway AS (NO) 

As the need for borrowing by both businesses and households grows, more and more potential customers are beginning to look for more favorable borrowing opportunities by analyzing a wider range of alternative lenders. As demand grows, so does the supply of smart platforms that offer to connect borrowers with lenders. Such platforms typically evaluate borrowers but not lenders. Therefore, Finbro is very unique in the market as the goal of the project is to create a smart borrowing platform tailored to business and individuals, which will examine the criteria of both lenders and borrowers, and provide only the best options after analysis. The borrower gets a very clear form in which they can easily evaluate and choose the best option by seeing different offers in one place.

Project aims
› Create a smart financial services platform and a secure ecosystem to help a loan-seeking business or individual compare the services and terms offered by lenders and choose the best option;

› To provide a service to individuals and businesses looking for the best deals on purchasing financial products. It covers a wide range of financial services: business loans, mortgages, consumer loans, and refinancing and consolidation of loans;
› To create a service that seeks to bring together creditors, other financial service providers, sellers and intermediaries of products and services, as well as end-users, through technological solutions, so that each can easily make decisions about collaboration;
› Provide service providers with all the necessary information about the customer and its creditworthiness, and provide the customer with a very clear offer form with all the details for a comparison of a specific financial product.


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