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Communication in a Different Way

September is a special month reminiscent of how important it is to learn and continuously evolve. Thus, the Communication Division of the Ministry of Finance invited to the thematic meeting the communicators of the European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms Programme.
Ms Ilma Skukauskaitė’s report referred to all what it is important to draw attention to when reading the communication guidelines of the Financial Mechanisms. Ms Ilma highly experienced not only in the management of communication projects, but also in the development of communication strategies, project evaluation and control, during the meeting with communication specialists not just explained what was important in communicating the “grants”, but also enquired what could be done to make the work of the communicators easier and more efficient.
A number of specific questions and advice on wording and translation from English were raised during the meeting. All this, according to Ms Ilma Skukauskaitė, is lying on her desk and very soon the Ministry of Finance promises to return with the answers.
The names of the speakers of the seminar “The Importance of Social Media and Their Use in the Communication of the Financial Mechanisms” are well known in the context of Lithuania. Understandably, training, even without advertising, has attracted great interest. The seminar was organised in a hybrid way: more than 20 communication specialists participated live at the Archangel Conference and Art Centre, while 120 more participants watched the event on ZoomTV.
Digital innovation expert Arnoldas Lukošius specifically prepared a presentation on our own digital reputation for the listeners of the seminar. Mr Arnoldas Lukošius, highly experienced in journalism and digital communication, presented the basic principles of the functioning of social sites, peculiarities and threats of creating personal identity in social media.
Mr Aistis Zabarauskas, former Head of Communication of the President of the Republic Gitanas Nausėda, knows what is fire-fighting in communication. Mr Aistis always emphasises in his training that no matter whether the crisis is professional or personal, the basic principles of its management remain the same. “And the task of managing the crisis always remains the same: to remain a man, not to judge and not to blame”, says Mr Aistis Zabarauskas. His lecture was accepted with special gratitude. After the lecture the participants expressed their gratitude both live and in ZoomTV comments.
The lecture of a writer, philosopher, Kristupas Sabolius did not leave anyone indifferent about what you need to know when creating or telling a story. After all, history can be immediately forgotten or it may become a legend. In the storytelling there are several principles that you need to know. And those principles are not the ones most often talked about in communication training. Mr Kristupas Sabolius has relied on his experience as a screenwriter. Thus, he talked in a new, different way to many participants.
To look at your work beyond your own stance and inspire new air – that was the purpose of this meeting. When evaluating the feedback on the event, the organisers realised that next year they will have to repeat. It was a success.

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