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Creativity Techniques for Communication Specialists

On the first day of summer, the Ministry of Finance invited communication specialists, who promote the European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms in Lithuania, to talk about the importance of creativity. 

“Today, artificial intelligence writes well press releases, creates greetings for all occasions and processes the information with the same success, thus, the time will soon come when artificial intelligence will ask: “Man, what good are you?”. And then only our critical thinking and our creativity will remain useful," says Mr Tomas Ramanauskas. 

Mr Tomas Ramanauskas talked about the importance of creativity to both emerging unicorns, famous global companies and to social organisations, as well as to thousands of self-cultivating curious people. More than thirty communication specialists, who came from different cities of Lithuania, participated in the seminar “Creativity is the Answer”. They are all united by joint work with the projects under EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms and, of course, a strong desire to develop themselves. 

“The goal of the meeting is to create innovative thinking, to reveal paths that facilitate ingenuity, to ignite atypical ideas, to dislodge from swampy clichés. What is important for each participant is to take away their own discoveries, applied in practice.”, as stated in the presentation of the training. 

New creative training presented only a pinch of theory and most of the time was devoted to the active practice of innovative thinking and the discovery of the most convenient techniques of creativity. Through their diversity, exercises and situations, atypical thinking was stimulated. 

Communication and creativity training for communication specialists from institutions administering the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms in Lithuania takes place every two years. The training is organised by the Communication Division of the Ministry of Finance. 

Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are non-EU countries, but they are part of the European Economic Area and are free to trade and move across Europe. As a gratitude for this right, the leaders of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein have established NORWAY Grants and EEA (European Economic Area) Grants Financial Mechanisms. For more than 30 years, part of taxpayers’ funds from these countries is allocated to reduce economic and social disparities in fifteen European countries and to strengthen cooperation with donor states. More than EUR 117 million was allocated to Lithuania during this period for implementation of various Norwegian and EEA investment projects.

Photos by Gabrielius Jauniškis


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