Programme agreement signed for the Innovation programme in Lithuania

The programme agreement for the Lithuanian Business development, Innovation and SMEs programme was signed on 27 September 2019

Key information about the programme
  1. The programme is operated by: Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA)
  2. The Donor Programme Partner in this programme is: Innovation Norway (IN) in Norway.
  3. Other Programme Partners: Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuanian (MoEI).
  4. The programme’s objective is: increased competitiveness of Lithuanian companies within the focus areas Green Industry Innovation, including bio economy, and ICT.
  5. The programme funding amounts to € 14 million (excluding co-financing) and is funded entirely by the Norway Grants.
Why is the programme needed?

Natural resources keep depleting and are becoming more expensive, thus the demand for technologies that use energy and raw materials efficiently and are environmentally-friendly is growing. The success of the future industry will be based on the use of innovative green technology. Introduction of the green technology in business helps to enhance its competitiveness, create new jobs and new business opportunities.
Recognising the importance of “going green” the programme will focus on promotion of green innovation in business. Funds under the programme will be allocated to implementation of a wide range of projects related to innovative environmental technologies and green products in all industry sectors. 
Lithuanian ICT industry is the largest in the Baltic States with an outstanding potential both for local as well as expanding businesses internationally. Thus, the programme aims to utilize this potential to facilitate new ICT solutions, products, services or technologies which might me applicable and enable progress in different sectors.  It is foreseen that investments into innovative ICT projects will ensure growth of Lithuanian ICT sector both locally and internationally.

What will the programme achieve and who are the beneficiaries?

The programme is aiming at increasing competitiveness of Lithuanian private enterprises by innovation in two focus areas: green industry innovation, including bio economy, and ICT.
Investments in projects are expected to ensure a long-term tangible impact, measured by developed, commercialised and applied products or technologies, growth in net operational profit and turnover, new jobs created and decrease of CO2 emissions and energy consumption.
One call will support development and commercialisation of new green or bio-based products, development and commercialisation of new green (environment friendly) technologies or biotechnologies, development and commercialisation of innovative ICT-led green products/ technologies or greening of production processes through application of innovative green technologies, digitalization or automation.
The other call will promote development and commercialisation of new ICT products and technologies. Introduction of new digital tools in Lithuanian entities, as a part of a more complex project, will be also considered eligible under the Programme.  
The programme will also support business development and capacity building measures.
The direct target groups are private entities with no more than 25% public ownership established as a legal person in Lithuania (as project promoters); any public or private entity, commercial or non-commercial, and non-governmental organisations, established as a legal person in Lithuania or Norway (as project partners), business associations, clusters, business promotion organizations and society at large.

How will the programme strengthen bilateral relations?

The first step towards a successful implementation of bilateral projects is to facilitate business to business bilateral cooperation. These activities will encompass a wide range of activities, in particular organisation of matchmaking events for Lithuanian and Norwegian entities and Travel Support for entities from Lithuania and Norway to participate in networking, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and best practice events during implementation period of the Programme.   

Availability of funding through open calls.

The funding in this programme will be made available through the following open calls:
  • Green industry focus area – will be launched in November 2019
  • ICT focus area – will be launched in March 2020
Bilateral call: There are funds available to support travel costs of bilateral meetings to set up partnerships for bilateral cooperation in projects under each of the above calls.
Detailed information on the calls is available on the Programme Operator’s website.
In addition to the open calls:

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