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Preparation and submission of applications

Prior to submission of an application, it is necessary to pay attention to the requirements for applicants set in the Guidelines to Applicants. If it is planned to implement a project with a partner, it is necessary to take into consideration the requirements for partners which may be found in the Guidelines to Applicants.

The application  consists of:

In order to prepare an application, it is necessary to fill the general (A) part of an application which is Annex 9 to the Rules on the financing and implementation of the EEA and Norwegian financial mechanisms 2009-2014 programmes and projects (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) (its filling instructions are provided in Annex 10) and the special (B) part which is the annex to the Guidelines to Applicants.

After publication of the call for proposals, the public institution Central Project Management Agency will organize trainings for future applicants during which all relevant information on the call for proposals and proper filling of applications will be provided. You may find the information on the organized trainings by selecting the programme you are interested in and specifying the section ‘Calendar’ or ‘News’.

When submitting applications through an open call for proposals, it is important to know that:

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