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Verifications of projects

Monitoring of implementation of the project contract and on-the-spot verifications of the project shall be carried out in accordance with the procedure laid down by the Administrative Rules and in compliance with the provisions of the project contract.

The aim of the on-the-spot verification is to make sure whether the project promoter implements the project properly, whether the information specified in the documents submitted to the public institution Central Project Management Agency (hereinafter referred to as the CPMA) is accurate and correct and whether the planned results of the project have been achieved by arriving to the project implementation site.

The verifications may be scheduled or unscheduled. They shall be carried out by at least two employees appointed by the CPMA.

The scheduled on-the-spot verifications shall be carried out in accordance with the prepared and approved annual plan. The scheduled verification of the project shall be carried out on the implementation site at least once within the period of implementation of the project.

In case of suspicion that inaccurate or misleading information has been provided, as well as if necessary, the CPMA may carry out the unscheduled verifications on the project implementation site.

The project promoter will be informed about the on-the-spot verification at least 3 working days prior to such verification. If prior information may have the negative influence on the results of the on-the-spot verification, no advance notice on the verification may be given.

The CPMA may verify the economic activities of the project promoter and its partner(s) as much as it is related to implementation of the project under verification.  The CPMA shall be entitled to familiarize itself also with the products acquired by the project promoter from other financial sources, other documents of the project promoter as much as it is necessary to ensure prevention of double funding of the same expenditure of the same activities.

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