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Publicity of project

When submitting the application for funding from the European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2009-2014, it is mandatory to prepare and submit the publicity plan in the application. The publicity plan shall elaborate publicity measures, their objectives, time limits for implementation, target groups, responsible persons.

The following measures shall be used for publicity of projects: billboards, commemorative plaques, publicity events, placement of information in the special pages of the project promoter’s website, other publicity measures (press releases, logos, booklets, etc.).

Mandatory publicity measures:

Information on the mandatory project publicity measures is provided in Annex 4 to the Regulation on implementation of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2009-2014 (Annex 4 - Information and Publicity Requirements).

The scope and number of publicity measures shall be adequate to the size of the project and oriented towards target groups.

All publicity measures shall be implemented in accordance with the Communication and Design Manual.

Also, please be advised that the sample of the official mark of the mechanisms shall be used in all publicity measures.

The more detailed information on the requirements for publicity of projects is provided by the Specialist of the Communications Division Rosita Saukaitė of the Central Project Management Agency, phone: +370 5 219 1568; e-mail:

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