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Familiarization with the programme documents

Having identified a project idea, it is important to familiarize yourself with the documents of the programme within the scope of which the project is planned to be implemented. You may find them by selecting the programme you are interested in and specifying the section ‘Docs’. The detailed and comprehensive analysis of such documents will help to decide whether the programme objectives and supported activities are suitable for your project. It is also very important to draw your attention to the requirements for the respective projects and time limits for implementation of such projects.

Main programme documents for applicants:

  1. Guidelines to Applicants. They set the requirements, terms and conditions for applicants planning to submit project applications, the procedure for submission, assessment and selection of applications, adoption of decisions on awarding the grant, signing of project contracts and project implementation.
  2. Description of Procedure for Use of Funds for Bilateral Relations. This description sets the terms and conditions as well as the procedure for allocation of the funds from the fund for bilateral relations at the programme level under the European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to as the EEA) and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2009-2014. You may find more information about the funds for bilateral relations by selecting the programme you are interested in and specifying the section ‘Description’ and then by selecting ‘Programme bilateral relations’ in the submenu.
  3. Methodological information. Any additional information for applicants, e.g. filling instructions of the general (A) part of the application for award of the grant under the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2009-2014 and co-financing funds for a project, etc.
  4. Rules on the financing and implementation of the EEA and Norwegian financial mechanisms 2009-2014 programmes and projects (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) approved by the Order No. 1K-135 of 11 April 2012 of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania. The Rules set the modes of selection of projects for funding under the programme, procedure for assessment and selection of such projects, procedure for project implementation: payment of expenditure, investigation of possible irregularities, reporting on project implementation, provisions of complaint submission and consideration, retention of programme and project documents.


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