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Project planning

A project is a one-off and sufficiently complex process, therefore its success in purposeful attainment of its objective highly depends on a thorough planning. Project planning is one of the project management processes. The aim of planning is to plan what works (complexes) must be performed, schedule their performance, calculate the need for the resources necessary for a project and to form project budget.

Project planning is necessary since it:

The aims of planning are the following:

Project planning includes:

Good planning allows to clarify complicated tasks and this helps to a project leader and other project promoters to predict critical situations in a better way and to react flexibly to any changes.

Planning shall motivate the project participants for achievement of objectives and lay the foundations for cooperation. This process shall encourage the stakeholders to be involved in the planning stages as much as in its implementation.

 It is necessary to devote enough time and efforts for planning, since planning may greatly facilitate performance of works and help to avoid difficulties and misunderstandings. The tasks of planning of a project content reveal their importance in project management.

Planning is a teamwork. Through joint planning, the main project participants reach the common attitude towards the project and the requirements for its outcomes.

First of all, the project structure should be prepared and the works should be planned with a sufficient degree of detail in order to calculate the actual project budget. During planning, it is always a danger to depart from the most important objectives to details. The consistent work done for improvement of the first  draft plan (preliminary planning) till the final plan helps to avoid unnecessary work, since the major part of changes occurs at the beginning of a project.

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