The Programme for Schengen Cooperation and Combating Cross-border and Organised Crime, including Trafficking and Itinerant Criminal Groups is one of the Lithuanian and Norway ongoing cooperation programs implemented by the Finance and Interior Ministries.

The Programme for Schengen Cooperation is divided into two components: The first one is Police component – strengthening of the Police capabilities to combat the Cross-border and Organised Crime. The second component is Customs component. This part of the program includes strengthening of the Customs analytical-research capabilities in the area of investigations and prevention of violations. During the implementation of this component analytical abilities of the Lithuanian Customs will be enhanced and cooperation between Lithuanian and Norwegian customs will be further developed. In this way it is expected to strengthen the work of the police and customs.

The aim of the Programme is to increase citizen’s security by improving the efficiency of cooperation between the law enforcement authorities in fighting organized crime in the Schengen Member States 

For the most part the program is financed  by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (3 4 000 000 EUR) and co-financed by the Lithuanian state budget (602 000 EUR). 


Auksė Jurkevičiūtė

vyr. specialistė (LR vidaus reikalų ministerija)
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