Call for applications: additional support for projects in progress under the programme LT07

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania takes this opportunity to inform that the total amount of EUR 17 291,56 of additional support is available for the projects under the European Economic Area (hereinafter EEA) programme LT07 “Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage” (hereinafter the Programme) that have not been finished yet. This residual amount became available once 8 out of 11 projects of the Programme were finished and left some of the received support unused.  

In accordance with the description of the procedure on allocation of additional support to the projects in progress under the Programme (approved by the order of the Minister of Culture dated 18 November 2016 No. ĮV-899), please be informed that since 30 November 2016, the public institution Central Project Management Agency (hereinafter the CPMA) accepts applications seeking allocation of additional funding for projects using funding available under the Programme, provided project implementation agreements are in place.

Additional funding shall be distributed to the projects based on selection procedure.

Funding may be available where all of the following conditions are met

1. Project developer has taken every measure so as to minimise additional costs required for the project under legal acts of the EU and the Republic of Lithuania, as well as the Regulation;

2. Project developer is unable to bear full additional costs of the project using own funding;

3. Project activities are not yet complete, and the project developer has not presented a payment of final balance and/or final project implementation report;

4. Additional funding will not lead to higher funding intensity under the agreement. Therefore, in the event additional funding is allocated to a project (with funding intensity under the  agreement below 100%), project developer shall be required to contribute to the project implementation using own funding to ensure the funding intensity under the Agreement is not exceeded;

5. Project developer agrees to implement additional information and publicity measures with respect to the funding allocated, in the event an increase in the project value leads to different requirements applicable to information and publicity measures, as included in the rules on funding and implementation of the programmes and projects under financial mechanisms of the European Economic Area and Norway for the period of 2009 to 2014, approved by the order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania dated 11 April 2012 No 1K-135;

6. Project developer shall make sure any additional activities seeking funding will be implemented by 30 April 2017;

7. Estimated scope of the project has increased, and now seeks more quantitative outcomes and/or broader range of activities, compared to the project implementation agreement. Project is eligible for additional funding provided increased scope of the project would bring more social and/or economic benefits, and would also make a better contribution to the goals of the project under the project implementation agreement.

Advice to the applicants

1. Make sure you study the Description of Procedure (the document is available on the Register of Legal Acts dated 18 November 2016 No. ĮV-899, the link to the Lithuanian version is provided at the bottom);

2. Make sure any activities planned meet the conditions listed above;

3. Make sure to complete the Application form to be found in Annex 2 to the Description of Procedure;

4. Make sure to submit all the documents listed in the clause 14 of the Description of Procedures;

5. The Applications and supporting documents shall be submitted to the CPMA by 9 December 2016 in the manner prescribed by clause 15 of the Description of Procedure.

Further details

Should you have any questions as to the submission of the Applications, please feel free to contact Marius Navadunskis, senior project manager at the CPMA by e-mail: or by phone 85 219 1340.

Should you have any questions as to the procedure on the Description of Procedure or on allocation of funding, please feel free to contact Dalia Stabrauskaitė, head of the programmes under the EEA financial mechanism at the Ministry of Culture, by e-mail: or by phone 85 219 3456.

Procedure for making additional funding available

Description procedure for allocation of additional support to projects in progress under the 2009-2014 European Economic Area Financial mechanism programme LT07 “Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage”


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